Fall Wants

Now before I jump into talking about what I want and “need” let me first say I am grateful for the things I do have.  Richard and I often talk about how we feel so poor.  We don’t get to purchase things we want very often.  However, we realize there are some who have much less than we do.  I love that saying, “Happiness is wanting what you have.”  I do feel like because we can’t buy our wants very often we do make those frivolous purchases more carefully, picking things we truly love.

Now that I’ve clearly stated that I’m thankful for what I do have let me tell you about my wants.  Fall always makes me want to buy new boots and new sweaters.  I LOVE that fall means it’s time for lots of layers and rich deep colors like wine, emerald, navy and aubergine.  I’m posting my top five favorite things about fall fashion.

Pattern Sweaters

1. Patterned Sweaters:  I LOVE prints and patterns!!!! I’m crazy about them.  I use to try to restrict myself to building up my wardrobe basics.  Then I would look at my closet and there were no interesting pieces.  I’ve just decided to dive in and buy things I LOVE!!!  This means my closet now has lots of prints and patterns!

Plaid Everything

2. Plaid:  I know plaid is a print but I love it so much I think it deserves its own category!  I LOVE plaid it is so classic and can be dressed up or dressed down.Short Skirt + Opaque Tights3. Skirts / Dresses + Opaque Tights:  I am crazy about opaque tights.  This year I hope to invest in quite a few more colors.  I love that opaque tights add a pop of color and keep you extra cozy.  I also love that they help keep you from having to shave… yucky? yes, but it’s the truth.  Plus you can get away with wearing shorter skirts with opaque tights and still avoid looking… ummmm… slutty unprofessional.

Layering4. Layer Upon Layer Upon Layer:  I HATE summer and hot weather.  I always say that cold weather is better because you can put on enough layers to stay fairly warm but you can never take enough layers off to keep from sweating to death.  I love that layering keeps you cozy and helps you add color and pattern to your ensemble.


5.  BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS:  Boots are the best footwear!  I live in my boots all fall and winter long.  I have only invested in non-heeled pairs thus far but I really want a pair of black heeled booties and maybe something a little more rugged.

Nothing to Wear

I know I want too many things!  Richard says he doesn’t understand what I mean when I stand in front of my closet and say I have nothing to wear.  Somedays I try on 4-6 different outfits before I find THE ONE and head to work.  I think this is a common problem for most women.  I recently found the quote above on Pinterest and fell in love with it… that expresses exactly how I feel about this predicament.  Do you have the same issues as me? And what’s your favorite fashion season?  Oh and follow my fall fashion board on Pinterest.


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