So Fresh & So Clean

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I have some very quirky list of things I just adore like the smoothness of a new jar of peanut butter, jelly or butter, or only increasing the TV volume by increments of 5.  One of my favorite things in the world though is when you come back home from a weekend away and you walk into a neat, tidy and clean smelling home.  When I was little my mom would always make us give the house a thorough cleaning before we left for any trip and this is probably why I love it so much now.

This past weekend before heading down to OKC for the weekend I meticulously cleaned the house with some help from Richard.  It was all worth it when we came home and put our things down in our tidy little entryway.  Keeping my home keeps me from feeling stressed out and anxious.  I’ve been told I’m a little OCD and sometimes I think it may be true.  I CANNOT sleep easy if there are dishes in the sink… I’ve woken up on multiple occasions in the middle of the night to clean the kitchen that at bedtime I decided could wait until tomorrow.  It’s impossible for me to sleep in a messy room, I feel like I’m being suffocated.

I’m also a list person.  If it isn’t on a list there’s a chance it can fall between the cracks and be easily forgotten.  So I’ve been working on writing a list of all the things I MUST do each day running, writing weekly meal menu’s, grocery shopping and cleaning.  I’ve assigned myself one cleaning assignment each day.  This helps me stay on top of the mess and avoid cleaning the whole house in one day… usually Sunday late into the night.  In fact my cleaning to-do list is broken down by room or area and if I follow the schedule the whole house should be clean by Friday, giving me the weekend off.

I made the list using a To-Do List Template.  It will be printed and laminated this week which will allow me to check things off my list… and is there anything more satisfying than checking things off a list?  I also wrote a few notes to the side in case I need Richard to help me out with the cleaning one week.  Now he really can’t make the excuse that he doesn’t know what all needs to be done when cleaning a specific room.  It will all be here on my list.  I’ll probably put together a Spring Cleaning List later.  Are you a list lover?  What sort of lists and charts do you use to help you keep your home in check?


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