Wedding Theme: Hippy / Boho

I’ve been accused of being a hippie in my life and I’m not ashamed of it.  I was am a bit of a nerd who LOVES history.  Growing up I was wild about the 60s.  From the music to the style and of course all the political activism that burned across our country.  I always thought that at some point I outgrew my obsession with the hippie era but it seems that in actuality the fixation just became a part of who I am.  On multiple occasions I have been called a hippie and even if someone meant it as a snub I’ve always received it as a compliment.

This past weekend I went wedding dressing shopping for the first time.  The associate who helped me said she wanted me to see a very unique veil that she had a feeling I would like.  The floral lace headband was worn across the forehead and was as someone said a little “hippie-ish.”  Now, I don’t know if I’ve settled on the veil but it got me thinking of how I can feature my love of the style on our big day…

Daisy Aisle Runner

Flower Power Backdrop

1. Daisy Aisle Runner & Flower Power Backdrop:  Daisy’s are such happy flowers.  I could see them lining the edges of the aisle leading up to a simple and natural alter backdrop like the one above.

Floral Crown 2.  Floral Crown & Boho Inspired Dress:  I will have a flower crown at my wedding.  I just haven’t decided if it will be full of big luscious blooms or a small spray of flowers.  I also love the unexpected dress above from Free People.

Long Tablescape

Via Wedding and Gems

3.  One Big Family Tablescape:  I love this long and winding tablescape.  I’m not sure what makes me think it’s hippyish but I think it would fit the evenings theme.

Wedding Favors

Click the image to buy your own flower bombs!

VW Van

Via Style Me Pretty Blog

4.  It’s all in the details:  I am in love with the idea of ending the evening with a drive in a VW Bus.  I will own one of these someday.  And as for the party favors, is there a better way for your guests to keep the flower power going than taking home flower bombs?!?


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