Life Lately

Anniversary Fluffy Baxy MedicineCabinet2 Couch1

Lately life seems to be flying by.  I always mean to take more photos of my everyday life but I absolutely hate most of my iPhone images.  They always come out grainy and that probably says more about me than the equipment but I just can’t handle it.  So here’s a glimpse of the past couple of weeks.

1) We celebrated our 6-year anniversary this past week.  We sort of just fell into being boyfriend and girlfriend because of this we are not sure when our actual anniversary is… so we decided the first week of October will forever be our anniversary week.  Friday, Richard took me to the Tulsa State Fair which was my first time going to a state fair.  We pet cows, pigs and sheep, ate an indian taco and a fried snickers, rode two terrifying rides and watched a horse-riding/shooting competition!  Overall, I’d say a successful experience.  Saturday evening, I made him a “fancy” dinner which included an appetizer, main course and dessert.  We dressed up and ate by candle light.  It was nice 🙂

2) Baxter got a shower this weekend and he was such a fluff-ball after.  We couldn’t stop laughing at him.  He looked like a little lion.  This picture doesn’t do the fluffiness justice.

3) I painted the inside of our medicine cabinet with chalkboard paint.  The bathroom is my absolute least favorite room in the house and I’m trying to figure out ways to make it less so.  The quote was an anniversary surprise for Richard.

4) We got a couch!!! We’ve lived the past 3 years without much in the way of furniture.  The couch we had before was made using two palettes, a twin mattress and fluffy pillows my mom made us.  It was a great idea but it always needed to be up against a wall because I couldn’t figure out how to make a back for it.  I was so excited about our new black and gray tweed couch!  The day it was delivered I drove 12 minutes home on my 30 minute  lunch to sit there for about 7 minutes before heading back to work.  I LOVE IT!  We feel so fancy now.  It makes me think of this clip from Borat.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


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