Is that not the cheesiest post title or what?  But you know how it goes around here… the cheesier the better!


I live most of the year waiting for this brief moment of cool temps.  I LOVE this time of the year when it is finally cool enough to enjoy being outside and still warm enough to keep me from scurrying back indoors.  Living in the South has taught me to appreciate this time while it lasts because it isn’t long before the weather will change again.  I’m not sure why but the sunlight and everything that reflects it turns from hot white light to this warm mellow amber color.  This color, though not my favorite to use in interior decor or appreciated when coming from a lamp, is the epitome of peace and tranquility when seen in nature.  The Oklahoma wind is usually hot, oppressive and overpowering but at this time of year it takes on a crisp coolness that turns your cheeks rosy and tousles your hair.  I long to spend every moment of every day outdoors soaking in this warm light and filling my lungs with the brisk air.  The photos above are ones taken almost 4 years ago out at the farm in fall.  Thank God for the fall!


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