Little Moments

I’ve decided that I really want to capture the little moments a lot more and do a lot more picture printing and crafting.  I think there are so many little moments that either get stuck on my phone, computer, hard drive or worse end up deleted.  I’ve found that Instagram is helping me appreciate and capture those little moments more often.  I was also recently inspired by this blog post about scrapbooking for beginners.  I never thought of a scrapbook as a narrated photo album but that sounds like a do-able goal and one I’m starting on right now with these photos!

photo 21) I realized in late December that to maintain my Starbucks Gold Card I would need to earn 21 stars before February 1! Rather than kiss my beautiful card good-bye and I took the challenge.  And guess what?  I met that goal with 6 days to spare – by January 25!  Richard and I accomplished this task thoughtfully.  We spent very little money on each drink and always purchased separately – using my iPhone app and the card – to rack up the most stars possible.  (If you’re not a Starbucks card person then you may not be aware that each transaction only counts for one star no matter how many drinks were purchased.)  We frequented the nearest Starbucks so often that they memorized our order.  These big ol’ cups were our free reward for amassing so many stars – Venti lattes are only acceptable when I’m not paying.

photo 1

2) Our little dog pup has learned a new trick.  He climbs on the back of the couch and peeks his little nose out of the blinds to watch us leave.  It’s really sad and makes us feel ever so guilty even though we’re only making a Starbuck’s run in a jiffy.  This new trick is also a little funny because I don’t think he can actually see outside – he just sticks his little nose through like some sort of puppy periscope.

photo 3

3) We are planning to stay in this rent house for the next 4-years and it’s slowly feeling more and more like our home.  We wanted desperately needed extra storage in the teeny kitchen since we moved in.  First we bought this mobile kitchen island from Ikea… LOVE that place!  Just last weekend we finally added some shelves.  They might not be the fanciest or nicest shelves but they have expanded our storage areas nicely!


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