One Month Anniversary

We’ve been married for one whole month… so that means I’m a total pro when it comes to this whole marriage thing. Right? I kid!  Being married has been great!  Why has it been great?  Well, let  me tell you my top 3 in list form… because lists are my favorite.


Photo Taken by Rachel Photographs

1.  I love getting to introduce Richard as my husband.  For so long, introducing him as my boyfriend didn’t seem sufficient.  I always felt like I also needed to work into the conversation that we’d been together for 6 years and he was the most dedicated and loving person because the word boyfriend just didn’t express all that he was/is.

2.  I love getting to say, “Goodnight husband,” every night and he responds with, “Goodnight wife”.

3. I love that the wedding is in the books.  Though it was tons of fun and so perfect, it was stressful as heck leading up to the big day.  Plus, now that it’s over, we get to finally focus on making this house a home.  We’ve really put a lot of energy into that project and it’s coming along quite nicely!  But that will be another post for another day.

If you have any advice for us in our first year of marriage, please share below! What are some traditions we should start?  What are some things you wish you had done in your first year of marriage?  Thanks for reading!


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