Search for the Tulsa Pizza King

We LOOOVE to eat out.  We probably shouldn’t do it so often as it can get pricey.  We also probably shouldn’t always eat at the same place.  We have our favorites and seem to get stuck in this rut where we don’t try anything else but we’re breaking out I tell ya!

Pie Hole-8

We’ve decided to set ourselves a task of finding the best pizza in Tulsa.  I’m always up for pizza.  It is my favorite food and if I could eat it every day for every meal I would.  I got this idea to search for the best pizza in Tulsa… I’m calling it the Search for the Tulsa Pizza King because I like to give our adventures titles… after I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, Love Taza, for hours and somehow made it back to some of her earlier posts… I’m talking aallll the way back to 2009 ;).  She and her husband searched for the best burger in NYC & DC.  So I decided to change it up a bit and make ours a search for the best pizza in our own hometown.  I’m crazy excited about trying new pizza places… maybe a little too pumped about this.

Pie Hole-1

Pie Hole-2

The first place we tried was Pie Hole Pizzeria.  We’ve actually been here before but we decided we’d go again and try and make note of what we liked about it so we can compare it to other local pizzerias.  This pizza place is near Tulsa University.  The restaurant isn’t very big inside but we’ve never had a hard time finding a seat.  I also really love the art they have on their walls.  That Yoda poster makes the Star Wars nerd in me really happy!

Pie Hole-3

Pie Hole-4

Pie Hole-5

Pie Hole-6

What a cutie patootie!

We ordered a 16-inch pizza half was the Tiki Pizza, our favorite, and the other half was the Pollo Blanco, which we were told is a popular choice.  I really like Pie Hole because they are generous with their toppings and their crust is so good!  It’s crunchy on the surface and warm and soft inside. I also like that for $20-ish dollars we get two meals out of one pizza. (We warmed it up in the oven the next day, the crust wasn’t as good on day 2… Just fyi.)  I also really like that the “plates” are actually individual sized pizza pans.  They’re so cute and industrial looking!

Pie Hole-7

Me in the background taking a quintessential Insta-pic.

Pie Hole-11

Pie Hole-12

Back to the toppings for a second, check out those big chunks of yummy veggies and mushrooms.  YUM!  They also do individual slices here which is what we usually do.  I love ordering a slice with a random assortment of toppings.

Next on our list is La Roma Pizza.  If you have any suggestions for other pizza places to try in Tulsa (no national chains) tell us please!  Are you a pizza fan?  What’s your favorite topping?  I can’t pick one I love them all… except anchovies, no thanks.


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