Painting Party

Since the stress of the wedding has ended we’ve been working hard to make our house feel more like a home.  We are renting a small two bedroom house in Tulsa.  We chose it because it was within our budget and right off Riverside and near Brookside.  If you’re not familiar with Tulsa then you have no why those two -side places are a big deal.  Let me just say they’re pretty hoppin’.  There are great restaurants and shops on Brookside and a large, safe park for early morning runs and puppy walks on Riverside.

The problem with this house, we’ve discovered, is that it’s too small.  Unfortunately, we’re just going to have to come up with some interesting organization tricks because we’re stuck for at least another 3-years, once Richard is finally done with school!  We finally convinced our landlord to let us paint so we’ve been slowly converting the rooms from a yucky tan color to cool grays and vibrant blue in the bedroom and office.  Richard has recently picked up the hobby of making time lapse videos so he decided to capture the long process of bedroom painting.

Check out the video below!


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