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Before being rebranded as “Love Bird Tales” this blog was shortly known as “Goose Roost” and was formerly known as “Two Chicks” and was run by my sister and me.  You’ll notice that the web address says “by jeff and dani” this was meant to reference the creation of all the cute little items we were posting to sale.  Though a good idea, and one I’d ultimately like to follow through with, neither of us ever had much time to make those cute little items to sale.  To make a long story short, Two Chicks never lived up to our idea of what it should be.  Instead it somehow meandered off into a blog that really had no obvious theme or goal.  So we both unconsciously gave up on it and the last post was published in November of 2012.

Photo taken by Rachel Photographs.

Photo taken by Rachel Photographs.

Love Bird Tales

This blog rebranding was dreamt up as my life took a turn towards some major changes.  You see, I recently got married to my long-time boyfriend and best friend.  Not only that but he’s beginning the long and arduous process of becoming a doctor.  Oh and we’ve also moved into a small house that will be our home for the next four years.  This change, though a very happy and exciting one, left me wanting needing a lot of support from my family and friends.  This blog is meant as a way to keep them up to date with our latest decisions or concerns.  This blog is also a way for me to keep up with our early years of marriage.  I believe the majority of those who view this blog are within our extensive network of friends and family but I also realize this blog is public and so if I don’t know you personally, let me just say, if you’re reading this blog then you’re a friend.  All are welcome to join in the conversation and to share their words of wisdom or opinions (polite ones only please).


Hmmm… what to say about me.  I graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma  in 2011.  I left with high hopes of becoming the next Katie Couric, but since then reality has set in.  I started my career as a news producer in Tulsa and realized swiftly that the world of TV news wasn’t for me.  I then took a job as a teaching assistant at a school that instructs primarily in Spanish.  Later I worked as a first grade teacher at the same school. My Spanish improved during the year and a half I worked at the school and helped lead me to my next job as a freelance reporter for a bilingual newspaper. I’m currently pursuing my journalism dreams by freelancing for various newspapers, magazines and even radio programs. I’ve also opened my own Etsy
shop called Light Cage Effects where I sell my own artwork and various treasures I find at flea markets.


Happy Day! (5/20/13)

I’ll also likely mention the sweet boy who put that beautiful ring on my finger.  Richard has been my closest companion over the last 6 years and I’m so excited about our future together.  But before we can get to forever we must plan a wedding first and that task is daunting.  I have no idea where to start.  Years from now, I believe this blog will be a comical testament to the many silly mistakes and misguided ideas I once had about planning a wedding on a tiny budget.

Speaking of daunting tasks and not knowing where to start.  We’re also trying to decorate and fill a house with not only efficient objects but stylish ones as well.  The problem begins with choosing those items, particularly considering the fact that we have NO idea what our personal style is.  And we also have NO money to purchase said things.

Oh and one more character you’ll likely see on this blog is our sweet furry child pictured below.  This is Baxter the dog aka Baxy aka Baxisimo aka Baxy Boy aka Backstreet Boy aka Puchy Boy and probably other nicknames I haven’t quite thought up yet.  We are not sure what type of dog he is but we were told a mini-schnauzer and shih tzu mix.  He is sweet, loving, pretty smart and extremely energetic.  He is teaching us so much about patience and taking care of another living creature.  Baxy has made us realize that, unlike cats, dogs are much more demanding but we love him even more for it!


The day he came home live with us! (1/28/13)


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