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I have recently made some major changes in my professional life, namely by changing careers.  I left my teaching job to begin taking freelance jobs in reporting, photography and videography I also opened up my own Etsy shop called Light Cage Effects.  The quote above by Howard Thurman has always been one of my favorites and was really something I took to heart when making this decision to change paths.  The photo quote is also an item listed in my Etsy shop here.  The photo is an original taken by me on a trip to Durango, Colorado.  I  took my first trip to Colorado about 2 months ago and really loved it!

If you’d like to keep up with the latest products on my shop or the stories I write please follow my new blog called Light Cage Productions.


Obsessed with Instagram

Hello everyone,

My last post was about my April bucket list. I already messed up. My April Fools prank was horrible. I couldn’t think of anything so I just texted all of my family a really cheesy joke that I found online. Here goes: Why does Saturn have rings on it? Answer can be found at the end of the post.

Now one thing that I am doing well on so far is keeping up with the April Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram. Of course it’s only day 2 so I haven’t had much room for failure. Here are my first two photos. The first days word was reflection and the second was color.

This is Richard and my reflection as we walked into Pops in Arcadia… that’s my last fast food meal of the month.

This is April 2 photo of color… a manicure tip: layer white underneath your neon colors and you’ll get a brighter color. Please don’t judge my alligator hands and terrible cuticles, the polish is very pretty.

One thing that I’m really loving about Instagram is since I take the photos with my iPhone I can take them all the time. My phone is always on me and I’m trying to capture at least one image a day. I personally am seeing improvement. One thing I’ve learned is get close to your subject, take multiple photos using different angles, they make a photo interesting. Here are a few of the favorites I’ve taken lately.

Different flavors of Soda at Pops. So pretty and tasty!

Khloe the cat sleeping in the weirdest positions. I love cats!

Beautiful flowers blooming at Hafer Park in Edmond, OK.

I loved this flower! It was a single bloom growing in the crack of wooden stairs.

Richard's car looks beautiful in this picture (and in real life too). I was hiding behind the wall so I wouldn't get sprayed with soap.

And if you’re interested in joining in on the Photo a Day challenge, here’s the months list. And if you’re on Instagram follow me whittyo!

And here’s the answer to my April Fools joke: Because God liked it so he put a ring on it.

P.S. I Love You

I have an affinity for writing letters! I love checking the mail box and finding that I have more than magazines and junk mail.  I think, due to faster forms of communication like texting and email the art of letter writing has been lost.  I can’t say I write many letters with regularity, but I’ve decided to pick it up again.  I find I do my best communicating when I actually write it out.  This may sound silly but any time I’m truly happy, I write a note so I can fully express myself and remember how I feel in that moment.  Any time Richard and I have a disagreement he’s great at communicating his point of view in a discussion while I usually ask him to give me some time alone so I can write it out then present my argument later.  Letters really make you think about what you want to say and how you want to say it, unlike text messages which are often misspelled and/or don’t make sense.

I had never really written letters much until a couple years ago when I spent the summer in Atlanta Georgia for an internship.  I missed Richard so much but often our schedules just didn’t sync up long enough for us to say everything we needed and wanted to say on the phone.  So we got to writing.  I’d like to think that sometime down the road our grandchildren or at least grand-nieces and nephews will read those letters and think, “Wow, they really loved each other.”  I still have all the letters tucked away in my memory box.  We still live some distance apart.  Though it’s not as far as Atlanta, it is proving difficult on our communication.  So I’m insisting we start writing letters again.  (And any family reading this post, don’t be surprised if you find one in your mailbox also.)

Not only is the written portion of the letter important but I also think letters should be beautiful.  I like to doodle on mine and really make each one unique looking.  Here’s one I’m working on now.  I had some scrap paper that I’d drawn on so I painted over it, let it dry and started drawing some sort of flower pattern on it.  I’m not sure who I’ll send this one too yet.

Here are a few creative letter writing ideas that I plan on trying in the near future.

1. Personalize Envelopes

Via Top It.Me

I love the idea of taking regular envelopes and making them unique and interesting looking.  Now this blog didn’t necessarily say these envelopes were personalized or just adorable upon purchase.  Either way, I’d never really personalized the envelopes just the insides so I’ll be trying that.

2. Junk Magazines to Envelopes

Via Every Nothing Wonderful Blog. Click the pic for the DIY instructions.

I have a lovely stack of old magazines just waiting for me to do something with them, perfect for this craft project.

3. Sewn Letter

Via Grazing Goat blog. Click pic for DIY instructions.

I usually try to stray away from any type of sewing in general but since I’m determined to become an adept seamstress I will be trying this project.  And doesn’t that letter look so unique!

4. Stamp Art

Via Approachable Art Blog. Click pic for DIY instructions.

I actually saw this on Pinterest this afternoon and thought the stamp making techniques were really interesting.  I’m always looking for cool new prints and these would all be so cool and unique, perfect for decorating a letter!

5. Letter & Small Gift

Via Giverslog. Click pic for DIY instructions.

I love the idea of packaging simple and small gifts in recyclable containers.  This blog has lots of ideas for small gifts and interesting packaging, I’d definitely recommend you click the picture above to check out the blog!