Happy Birthday Dearest

20140912_161010I wrote this out much earlier but forgot to add the photos and post it.  So last weekend two weekends ago was Richard’s 26th birthday. We’ve decided that perhaps we’re too old busy for an entire birthday week but a whole birthday weekend is just right. I always feel like I drop the ball on birthday celebrations. I didn’t grow up celebrating birthdays so I’m not very good at planning out big to-dos; which is perfect because Richard doesn’t like big to-dos. This year we had what felt like a 3 day weekend together. I don’t have class on Friday and Richard only had one class early in the morning. It was a cold rainy weekend so we couldn’t do much outside so instead we decided to stay in almost all weekend, except to go get food. We had lunch at one of our favorite places, Queenie’s in Utica Square. Queenie’s food menu is pretty simple, think sandwiches, salads and a burger. We always split a delicious grilled cheese and anything else. But really we go there for the desserts. We split a little chocolate cake and a lemon bar. Our waitress went above and beyond making them both very pretty and extra tasty.



Because of some other issues earlier in the day, we weren’t able to make it to the museum like we wanted so instead we built a fort. We made it super cozy with extra pillows and blankets. We ran to target and I bought Richard a few gifts. I’m not sure if I should call them presents since Richard picked them out and most didn’t get wrapped. I bought a battery pack for our dead X-Box remote and bought Plants v Zombies. I’m not a gamer at all. I only like silly and simple games that usually include repetitive tasks and beating a timer. Richard LOVES video games. The kind that involve shooting and memorizing some sort of map. Those give me motion sickness. After buying our supplies we returned to our cozy fort and played video games for the rest of the day.  We only stopped to go get soup from the Whole Foods up the street.




The rest of the weekend was a perfectly lazy event filled with more yummy food (steak from Texas Roadhouse… yum!)and plenty of time in our fort.  We watched the OU football game from our fort on Saturday night.  Sunday Richard’s mom came over late that evening and brought a yummy chocolate cake.  I busted out the multiple boxes of Oreo’s I bought just for him.


I’m thinking this fort building may be a new tradition in the making because Richard LOVED it. He got so excited when I pulled out sheets and he realized I was being serious about crafting our fortress.

p.s. Sorry, the pictures are so grainy… I really need to bust out our real camera more often just around the house.


Update on the Newly Weds

Photo taken by Rachel Photographs.

Photo taken by Rachel Photographs.

This summer I had all these plans to keep the blog up to date… but that didn’t end up happening.  I decided just to soak in these first few months of married life.  Even though we didn’t go on any many big adventures we did have fun and we took tons of photos.  I’m hoping I can continue to write a post or two a week highlighting a few things we did and are currently doing.

Richard is back in school.  He’s now an ms-2! Big man on campus.  After second year he will be doing rounds, so pretty much I’ll never see him again.  He is prepping (more like stressing) for boards which he’ll take this summer.  People continue to ask him what he plans to specialize in and he still hasn’t made a decision.  He often asks me what I think and I always say whichever kind gets to spend lots of time with his wife.

I’m also back in school.  It was a last-minute decision and I enrolled within a week of classes starting.  I’m now a student at Tulsa Community College getting my associates in Digital Media with a specialization in Adobe Programs.  Really I’m just learning the basics on all of the programs like Photoshop, Flash etc. while also learning some about coding and graphic design.  When asked why I chose to go back the answer is always, “To make myself a more competitive job candidate in the ever expanding world of digital media.”  Sounds good, right?  The truth is I spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do in the future and the short answer is I’m not sure.  I love being creative.  I love writing.  I love photography and videography.  I get lost in my crafting.  I day dream about owning a shop.  I just wish I could type all my interests into some sort of generator and it would give me the answer.

I often miss that feeling I had while still in undergrad and working in student media.  You felt like everyone you worked with was your friend and that was great because you spent all of your time together.  The whole production was a team effort and when you criticized each other it was only because you really cared about what you were putting out there for people to see.  I think I’ve also learned that I don’t love news.  It is depressing and eating and breathing it every day gets me down really quickly.  I’m really hoping to redirect my path towards marketing, video production or maybe a magazine of some sort… I’d love to write gushy love stories for a wedding magazine or maybe something in home decor!  Or better yet put me on one of those shows where I can travel the world and tell you all the best places to eat and the best things to do.  Yes, I think I can picture myself doing that!

I keep telling myself not to stress about my career.  After all many people don’t begin their careers at a young age.  Julia Child didn’t become a television star until she was in her 50s.


One Month Anniversary

We’ve been married for one whole month… so that means I’m a total pro when it comes to this whole marriage thing. Right? I kid!  Being married has been great!  Why has it been great?  Well, let  me tell you my top 3 in list form… because lists are my favorite.


Photo Taken by Rachel Photographs

1.  I love getting to introduce Richard as my husband.  For so long, introducing him as my boyfriend didn’t seem sufficient.  I always felt like I also needed to work into the conversation that we’d been together for 6 years and he was the most dedicated and loving person because the word boyfriend just didn’t express all that he was/is.

2.  I love getting to say, “Goodnight husband,” every night and he responds with, “Goodnight wife”.

3. I love that the wedding is in the books.  Though it was tons of fun and so perfect, it was stressful as heck leading up to the big day.  Plus, now that it’s over, we get to finally focus on making this house a home.  We’ve really put a lot of energy into that project and it’s coming along quite nicely!  But that will be another post for another day.

If you have any advice for us in our first year of marriage, please share below! What are some traditions we should start?  What are some things you wish you had done in your first year of marriage?  Thanks for reading!