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So I’ve been working on the wedding website for quite a while.  Slowly but surely it’s come together and it’s finally prepared for visitors.  Family, friends and well wishers can check out all the wedding details by clicking here.

Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)


It’s been a while

So I kind of fell off the wagon again.  I got a promotion at work and have pretty much been sucked into that.  But here’s a look at all the engagement photos we got back.  We plan on doing another shoot at some point in Tulsa, so we can get a little bit of that “big city” buzz… hahaha.  We had a family member do these, Richard’s cousin and it was a great experience.  The shoot was at their families farm and it is beautiful out there!  The only unfortunate part is we didn’t get to take as many photos as we wanted due to weather and our hectic schedules.  Oh well, what we got was great! Enjoy!Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-3 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-4 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-5 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-6 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-7

Engagement Shoot #1

This Friday we are meeting with our first engagement photographer, we have three total.  The first set of photos will be taken out at Richard’s families farm.  About a year after Richard and I started dating he took me out to the farm for the first time.  He would ask me to join him on adventures where we would ride the John Deer cart through tall grass, gooey mud, rocky terrain, bellowing herds of cattle and skittish gatherings of deer.  I think Richard tries to recreate adventures he fondly remembers with his Grandpa who would take him to see interesting rocks, animal prints, trees or nests.  The land is mostly what you’d expect, vast rolling prairies that seem to go on forever but there are also dense wooded areas, brimming ponds and some steep hills from which you can admire the patchwork farmland below.

I love the colors at the farm this time of year.  Everything reflects this amber light that has come to signify autumn in Oklahoma to me.  It’s also the perfect time to venture out for photographs because as the weather grows colder dangerous creatures like snakes begin to pose less of a threat.  Here are a few images that I sent our photographer to convey the creative direction I’m envisioning.


Via a Healthy Living Maintenance



1) I want the pictures to be fun and relaxed.  I really love when the photographers seem to be peeking through the vegetation at the couple


2) Our 4-legged son will be joining us for some of these photos so I’ve been searching for some example poses and shots.

Farm14 Farm10 Farm6

3) I love when photographers capture the smaller moments instead of just your typical photos of the couple smiling and hugging.  I think the one above leads you to understand the couples intimacy without being overly lovey-dovey. I also like the little details like mugs and goodies, it expresses the mood better.

Farm13 Farm7 Farm8

4) The creative images above capture stereotypical images in an imaginative way.  Through the use of shadows, silhouettes and interesting angles tried and true poses get a breath of fresh air.

I also found this link on how couples should dress and this list of typical couple poses a useful starting point.  We’ll see if any of this information actually leads to a successful engagement photo session.  For a look at more of my inspiration visit my Pinterest Engagement board.

Music Monday: Going to the Chapel

This weekend we met with and decided on our wedding officiate.  It is so ridiculously exciting to check things off our to-do list!  This week’s Music Monday is in honor of the latest task we’ve accomplished.  This is the quintessential marriage song, “Chapel of Love” by the Dixie Cups.  We’re not getting married in a chapel but the point is WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!  I know that there is TONS more to do but as each decision gets made it seems like my mental image of our wedding day begins to get a little less fuzzy.

The ceremony is the most important part of the day but until Sunday morning when we were walking to meet our officiate candidate we had never really discussed what we wanted to include.  Would we include prayers, bible verses, a unity ceremony?  Would we prefer traditional vows where we repeat after the officiate, or just say, “I Do” or would we like to do our own vows?  So many things that we’d never even thought about until those 30 minutes before we would be bombarded with these questions.  The good thing is we have plenty of time to really decide what we want and don’t want.  We’re excited about our choice, Donna Deen of Two Oaks Weddings.  She was so easy-going and eager to meet all our expectations and demands for the ceremony.  Not only that but she was well within our price range and had great backup plans.  (I’m positive that as many things as possible will try to fall through on our wedding day, it’s just my luck.  I’ve been checking and double checking that anyone we sign a contract with has an acceptable contingency plan for any unexpected occurrences.)  As we walked home following our meeting I kept humming this song to myself.

Wedding Theme: Hippy / Boho

I’ve been accused of being a hippie in my life and I’m not ashamed of it.  I was am a bit of a nerd who LOVES history.  Growing up I was wild about the 60s.  From the music to the style and of course all the political activism that burned across our country.  I always thought that at some point I outgrew my obsession with the hippie era but it seems that in actuality the fixation just became a part of who I am.  On multiple occasions I have been called a hippie and even if someone meant it as a snub I’ve always received it as a compliment.

This past weekend I went wedding dressing shopping for the first time.  The associate who helped me said she wanted me to see a very unique veil that she had a feeling I would like.  The floral lace headband was worn across the forehead and was as someone said a little “hippie-ish.”  Now, I don’t know if I’ve settled on the veil but it got me thinking of how I can feature my love of the style on our big day…

Daisy Aisle Runner

Flower Power Backdrop

1. Daisy Aisle Runner & Flower Power Backdrop:  Daisy’s are such happy flowers.  I could see them lining the edges of the aisle leading up to a simple and natural alter backdrop like the one above.

Floral Crown 2.  Floral Crown & Boho Inspired Dress:  I will have a flower crown at my wedding.  I just haven’t decided if it will be full of big luscious blooms or a small spray of flowers.  I also love the unexpected dress above from Free People.

Long Tablescape

Via Wedding and Gems

3.  One Big Family Tablescape:  I love this long and winding tablescape.  I’m not sure what makes me think it’s hippyish but I think it would fit the evenings theme.

Wedding Favors

Click the image to buy your own flower bombs!

VW Van

Via Style Me Pretty Blog

4.  It’s all in the details:  I am in love with the idea of ending the evening with a drive in a VW Bus.  I will own one of these someday.  And as for the party favors, is there a better way for your guests to keep the flower power going than taking home flower bombs?!?

Say Cheese!


English: A photo of a Voigtlander Vito II came...

Picking a photographer for our wedding has been so tough. We have finally made a decision though! Thank goodness. I feel like a major weight has been lifted!

So finding a photographer was pretty if difficult because the person I’ve dreamed about for years was unavailable on our date. Talk about a major bummer! Richard and I started talking about marriage probably about 2 years ago and ever since then I have online stalked Indie Jane Photography. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. After sulking for a bit, I asked her if she could make any recommendations. That’s how we found our photographer Rachel of Rachel Photographs in OKC.

When I first looked at her site I thought her work was gorgeous but the pricing was more than my budge allowed.  Eventually, I decided that it was okay to splurge a bit on the elements that were really important to me, like photography. Our package includes bridals, and engagement session and 2 photographers who will be around all day come wedding day.

I learned quite a bit while I was trying to select a photographer. I thought the most important questions were 1: Are you available on my date? 2: What do you offer and how much? 3: When do you need the money? You’re probably laughing at my naïveté but that’s literally all I asked the first 3 photographers I emailed. I was ready to send one a check when one of my aunts suggested I call them on the phone to see if we mesh well. I printed out this questionnaire I found on Martha Stewart Weddings and set an interview time with my runner up choice.  He was nice enough but he didn’t seem too excited about taking photo suggestions and shot solo. Thank goodness I have so many wonderful people who have already been down this road and are willing to share what they learned with me!

I’m so happy to have that task checked off my list. I’m going to do a happy dance and relax tonight. I’ll try and hold off the worries until tomorrow.

Shall We Dance

For a long time I thought I was 100% certain of what our first dance song, but that has changed.  I recently decided that “our” song is  much too slow.  I’m still using it but in a different way.  Now our first dance spot is wide open with a bajillion options.  Here are my top 6 (I just couldn’t whittle it down to 5) with a pro and con for each option.  Vote below for your favorite option!

1.  Jack Johnson – Better Together

Pro:  I made a mix-tape CD for Richard that very first summer we were apart after freshman year.  This song was the second track on the album.  Also we unexpectedly saw Jack Johnson in concert at Bonnaroo this past summer after he stepped in last-minute when Mumford and Sons cancelled.  It was such a wonderful surprise!

Con:  This is a pretty popular song so is it too cliché to play it as our first dance?

2.  The Temptations – My Girl

Pro:  I have loved this song my entire life!  My art teacher from elementary through high school, basically my idol, used to sing songs and walk around the classroom… this was one of his favorites and he’d always make me join in.  I was such a self-conscious little thing, I wish I could go back in time and belt it out.  Also my aunt’s thought I looked like the main character of My Girl and always made references to that.  In fact, thinking back, I’m pretty sure I thought this song was about me for a little while.

Con:  This song really focuses on the girl, me, and not the couple.  Also I REALLY wanted this to be the daddy daughter song but he said it sounded too much like a couple song and didn’t like it.  So is it weird to dance it with Richard when I thought it was more of a daddy daughter song?

3.  The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it Be Nice

Pro:  We had the pleasure of seeing The Beach Boys in concert at Bonnaroo 2012.  It just about made my life!  I like to think I have an old soul… or at least the part of my soul that dictates taste in music is old because I have always loved The Beach Boys and so many other artists from the 50s through 70s. I love the lyrics to this song:

“Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true
Baby then there wouldn’t be a single thing we couldn’t do
We could be married
And then wed be happy”

I wish I was a more musical person because my preferred method of sharing my feelings is by finding corresponding song lyrics.  It is just such a moving and powerful way to communicate your thoughts and feelings

 Con:  Did the movie “50 First Dates” hijack this song and that’s all anyone thinks of now that they hear it?  My sister nayed this song because her mind went straight to that movie when she heard it.

4. Coldplay – Till Kingdom Come

Pro:  I own every Coldplay album and they are probably my favorite band.  Their isn’t a single song on any of their albums that I dislike.  Despite listening to each album about a million times, it wasn’t until recently that I decided this song was perfection… I mean just read these lyrics:

“Hold my head inside your hands
I need someone who understands
I need someone, someone who hears
For you I’ve waited all these years

For you, I’d wait ’till kingdom come
Until my day, my day is done…”

Con:  How would we dance to this?

5. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – Home

Pro:  One of the lyrics repeated in this song is:

Let me come Home
Home is wherever I’m with you”

For a long time even before hearing this song, I felt this way about what defines my home.  I’m not a very big fan of living in Oklahoma.  I miss my home state and my family too much but I realize that I really felt at home here for some reason.  Then it hit me that I felt at home here because this is where I’ve made my life with Richard.  So upon hearing this song it immediately became one of my favorites that I played on a loop for weeks maybe months.

Con:  How would we dance to this?  We saw them at Bonnaroo and of course we totally jammed out but will we feel to conspicuous to do our best music festival dancing in front of all our friends and family?  Our  music festival dancing involves a lot of jumping and twirling and swaying sort of rhythmically.

6. The Troggs – With a Girl Like You

Pro: This song is so much fun!  It was the first record I ever bought because I loved it so and the iTunes version sounded horrible.  After buying the record Richard’s mommy let us use one of her record players and Richard would try to start the song right on time to when I was walking through the front door from work.  Sometimes he is just so sweet and precious.

Con:  I would probably have to use the iTunes version of this song at the wedding because I think the speakers there may have a hard time connecting to the record player.  If we did use the record player we’d have to get someone to drop the needle, which is a little tricky.

Love Games

My least favorite part about blogging is coming up with titles.  Usually all I can think of are super cheesy things… what can I say, it’s who I am.  When giving this blog a title, Lady Gaga’s “Love Games” popped into my head.  But just the part that says “Let’s play a love game, play a love game.”  So now after that long explanation, let’s get to business.

I’m very determined that there should be games at our wedding.  I think that some people think this is a silly idea but this was one of the first ideas I was certain about.  While most weddings these days feature signature cocktails and crazy dance parties that just isn’t quite our style.  Richard and I rarely drink alcohol and rather than dancing the night away at a club, we’d choose a night in with friends enjoying good food and fun games.  I think that’s kind of the main theme of our wedding day, an overgrown dinner party filled with yummy food and lots of fun.    There will be music and an area for dancing, because even though Richard’s not crazy about busting a move I sure do enjoy it.  Here are a few of the games I hope to have at our wedding.  Most of these games link to their DIY instructions, you know just in case anyone really loves and really wants to help me scratch something off my to-do list.

Giant Jenga

Via A Beautiful Mess.

1.  Giant Jenga – This DIY was something I assumed would be pretty simple and straightforward and I was right according to the A Beautiful Mess instructions.  I came up with a monogram for Richard and I awhile back and it might be cute to put that on the blocks.

Bean Bag Toss

Via Katelyn Miller Designs.

2. Bean Bag Toss – I think this game is tons of fun and it could make for a very pretty game set.  I also hear it’s fairly simple and affordable to make.


Via La maison de Loulou.

3.  Pick-up Sticks – This is a game where no one even has to leave the table.  They are colorful, cute and can be taken home by guests at the end of the night.

outdoor tic tac toe

Via Chicken Scratch NY

4.  Tick-Tack-Toe –  This seems easy to make using materials we either already have or can find on the farm or at the Dollar Store.  I like that the wood round could be used as part of the centerpiece to prop up the florals and the rocks could be placed around the table as part of the decor.  Just scoot the flowers aside and you’ve got a game table.

I Spy

Via Martha Stewart Weddins

5.  I Spy:  I love the idea of handing out an I Spy List and a disposable camera to each of our younger guests and letting them capture specific moments and little details.  Not only does it keep them happy and busy but it’s a great way to capture a different view of the night.


Wedding Wednesday: Before Driving Into the Sunset

I’ve decided to try to contain wedding posts specifically to Wednesdays because I don’t want to go overboard and seem obsessive, even though I may be just a smidge. So the theme title is cheesy but I love cheesy and I love alliteration! So with no further ado here goes the first Wedding Wednesday post.

Since we have yet to even begin the process of searching for a venue I am focusing on the tiny details that I know we’ll love and will fit no matter where the wedding is held. One of those tiny details includes the send off. At first I really liked bubbles and then I attended one too many weddings of close friends or family members who used the soapy orbs as their send off. After bubbles I moved on to sparklers but my Aunt Lisa included those in her beautiful wedding. I once thought I’d like confetti and started saving the by-products of whole punching but now I think I’d rather not create a mess that will then have to be swept up by someone or worse will just create eco-unfriendly liter. So here’s what I’m nearly settled on…



This craft seems easy enough and is composed of supplies that I can start purchasing now a little at a time and can knock out quickly with the help of a few extra hands… Don’t everyone jump up at once. I found this DIY on Pinterest… as always. The pin links to a blog called The Twips but the DIY was actually put together by someone named Rhiannon (did Stevie Nicks‘ voice pop out of nowhere and sing that name to you???? No… Just me?) of Hey Gorgeous Events. It’s a great way to incorporate a little more of my wedding colors which include lots of green shades from emerald to mint!

The best part is I already have plans for all the wands that aren’t snatched up and taken home following the wedding. I will disassemble them and use the jingle bells to create a garland for our Christmas tree. The ribbon will become either a wreath for our front door or will be slithered into a glass ball ornament or maybe both! And the dowel rods… hmm I don’t know yet but I’ll find something. I love ideas that can not only make the wedding beautiful but also our little nest. We are on a tight budget after all and it will always remind us of our happy day!

Leave comments please!!! Let me know what you think about the ribbon wand idea or if you have any suggestions for the dowel rods conundrum.

Let them eat cake?

To have a cake or not to have a cake that is the question… well at least the one that is causing me quite a bit of grief early on.  Neither Richard and I are too keen on having a cake.  Cake isn’t his favorite dessert, unless it happens to be an ooey gooey yummy cake.  I also dislike most store-bought cakes.  They always cost a lot and leaving you feeling disappointed because a box mix cake would/could have tasted just as good or better.  That being said, I think the tradition of cutting the cakes is a very cute and sweet one and affords some great photo ops.  Plus there are lots of traditions that we already have plans of eschewing so perhaps keeping this one is a good idea.

Right now the thought is to make our own little two or three layer cake that we can use for the photo op.  But according to the recent The Knot wedding magazine, DIY-ing the wedding cake is considered a BIG mistake.  Article author Eustacia Huen argues:

“Seriously, you wouldn’t even consider doing one of the most defining elements yourself, would you?… a wedding cake disaster is hard to fix.  Plus, decorating and even just transporting a wedding cake is a serious project that’s best left to someone who knows what they’re doing – and doesn’t have their own wedding to be thinking about.”

I do agree a cake is easy to mess up.  On the other hand we are looking for something simple, perhaps that DIY flair would add a touch of whimsy and add less pressure to the process.  Here are a few five cakes I’ve seen on where else… Pinterest of course… that I think are attainable goals.

3 tier cake, cupcakes and pie

 1) Love that this cake has a different type of dessert on each tier.  That’s one of our biggest conundrums which desserts should we serve at the wedding?  We love so many all kinds of sweets! How can we just choose one!

buttercream ruffle cake

2) This cake is simple yet elegant.  I also love that the blog it comes from has DIY instructions and has plenty of other great recipes and info that the baker in me can’t wait to try.

Cake with Flag Toppers

3) This cake is simple but packs a lot of visual punch from the interesting color choice to the tall flag cake toppers!  It’s such an interesting and unique little cake.

Fresh Flowers Cake

4) You would never know this cake is simple thanks to the gorgeous flowers decorating it.

Lemon cake simple

5) If you can read the little sign in the background this cake is a pretty unique choice… lemon!  Richard and I love lemon cake!  I also like that the shape of each tier is a little wonky but that makes them even more charming.  The unique topper and retro cake stand add to the non-traditional appeal.

cake info graphic

We also found this cool graphic that gives pan size to people fed ratios!  That’s some great info to have if you’re DIY-ing your wedding cake.  Of course if we did choose to make a small pastel we would be sure to load the sweets table with lots of our other preferred desserts such as cupcakes, cookies and s’mores.