I like my lyrics better

Normally I absolutely hate when I sing the wrong lyrics.  I’m so OCD about it that I will often restart a song to sing it correctly… Don’t judge me.  Now that I’ve shared this fact let me explain the title above.  I’ve been on a Grouplove kick lately.  This isn’t an odd thing for me.  I often start listening to a band randomly and must know EVERYTHING about them… their back story, each individual group members back story and of course I gotta listen to every single song they’ve ever sang.  I only knew a handful of their songs before like “Tongue Tied,” “Itchin’ on a Photograph” and their latest single “Ways to Go” which is played on a loop on Alt Nation on Sirius XM.  I love all of their songs but the one I refer to in the title is “Spun.”  Listen to it and then I’ll explain.

So there’s a part repeated by a female voice over and over again.  I thought she sang “I am awesome. I am, I am awesome.”  That is not what she sings.  She is in fact saying “Are you lonesome? Are you, are you lonesome?”  I was majorly bummed when I discovered I was not singing the correct lyrics and not just because of my OCD-ness but because I really wanted it to say “I am awesome.”  Do you ever feel the need to sing a song just to give yourself that extra oomph? ***Crickets*** Well, I do.  This was totally going to be my oomph song and, you know what, I refuse to let the actual lyrics take that away from me.  Did you look at the lyrics?  Confusing!  I will continue to sing it my way… OCD be damned!

Grouplove is pretty great, they even have my Mom’s stamp of approval! WHAT??? She had even heard of them before I played some for her.  Impressive!

P.S. The video I linked to here isn’t an official group released video.  It was made by Cloud Mind Productions.  They shot the video over a three-month period, then edited it and set it to the awesome song which made it extra awesome.  This is a really fun idea and something I may attempt to do soon.  I really need to get back into the groove of shooting video and editing.


Music Mondays: The Ceremonies

Since I’m renewing my vigor for blogging, I thought I’d come back with some new ideas and regular posts, themed of course.  Music Monday’s is mostly for my mom and dad… SHOUT OUT: LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!… who always marvel at the music I listen to.  Comments made include: “Where do you hear things like this?” “Why do you only like oldies?”  “This is weird.” Occasionally they’re super impressed with my knowledge of 60’s and 80’s bands and songs… and I must admit it makes  me feel super cool when I’m able to spit some musical knowledge.

A band I’m absolutely loving right now is The Ceremonies.   This band seems to have only two songs one I adore the other I also enjoy;  I can’t wait for a full length album due out this year!  I heard The Ceremonies on Sirius Alt Nation (the ONLY station I listened to while I had Sirius for a few months after getting Carlita).  That station, like most, had a few select songs that were played over and over and over and over…. and over again.  “Land of Gathering” was one of those songs but I never got tired of it.  I have ALWAYS wished that someone would make a soundtrack for my life to make every moment seem… more.  More exciting, more energetic, more romantic, more emotional, more angry… you get the picture… just more.  This song would definitely be featured  on my life soundtrack.  It feels like something absolutely wonderful should be happening when I hear this song.  I love it!  Just listening to it makes my life feel more meaningful… like despite the fact that I’m only driving to the grocery store my life feels epic.  Oh… I hate it when people use that term, “epic,” but it seems to be the only way to describe the way this song makes me feel.  Anyways enjoy the song and tell me what you think.  Also click here to head over to their Facebook page and enjoy more from the sibling singers also known as The Ceremonies.