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Photo by Rachel Photographs

Photo by Rachel Photographs

We have been together 6 years and somehow have never had our photos taken.  Though it’s only two weeks before the big day our wedding day photographer, Rachel Photographs, and we finally found a convenient time to meet and take some engagement photos.  I am in love with every image she took!!! We took them at the beautiful Woodward Park here in Tulsa.  Everything there is in full bloom right now and absolutely gorgeous. Our little pupsicle joined us for the shoot.  As animals tend to be, he was completely unable to hold still or not be crazy.  So our fabulous photographer offered to juggle him along with her camera, and my bag of makeup and other supplies.  She was kind of awesome!!!  She gave great direction and made us feel comfortable and not conspicuous. We both tend to be a little shy when it comes to being lovey-dovey in public so I think we kept giggling about the situation instead because… well, we’re children.  We also kept cracking up because Richard is incapable of making more than two faces – happy & smiley or disappointed and frowny. Enjoy the beautiful photos!  To see more go to Rachel Photographs website by clicking http://rachelphotographs.pixieset.com/whitneyrichard/.

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It’s been a while

So I kind of fell off the wagon again.  I got a promotion at work and have pretty much been sucked into that.  But here’s a look at all the engagement photos we got back.  We plan on doing another shoot at some point in Tulsa, so we can get a little bit of that “big city” buzz… hahaha.  We had a family member do these, Richard’s cousin and it was a great experience.  The shoot was at their families farm and it is beautiful out there!  The only unfortunate part is we didn’t get to take as many photos as we wanted due to weather and our hectic schedules.  Oh well, what we got was great! Enjoy!Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-3 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-4 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-5 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-6 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-7

Photo Shoot Styling

This isn’t directly wedding related but you have to take engagement photos before a wedding so this counts… sorta. Engagement photo outfits and themes are all I can think about since we finally set a date for one of our engagement shoots today. A friend who just happens to be an awesome photographer will be in town for a couple months starting in November so he’ll be doing one of our shoots.  We’ll be doing another one at Richard’s family farm and another in Norman on OU’s campus and on campus corner.

Since Richard got accepted into Med School I realized that my dream of having a fall wedding will not happen.  He has no fall breaks and after this next summer he will no longer have a summer break either.  So instead, I’ll make do with some super cute fall engagement photos! I can’t wait! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year!  The temps are perfect!  The colors are beautiful!  And everyone looks so amazing in fall fashions!  I’m posting a few inspiration images.  I’ve always heard it’s a good idea to set a theme for your engagement shoots so you can choose appropriate props and outfits.  Let me know what you think and if you have any theme suggestions!


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