Fall Wants

Now before I jump into talking about what I want and “need” let me first say I am grateful for the things I do have.  Richard and I often talk about how we feel so poor.  We don’t get to purchase things we want very often.  However, we realize there are some who have much less than we do.  I love that saying, “Happiness is wanting what you have.”  I do feel like because we can’t buy our wants very often we do make those frivolous purchases more carefully, picking things we truly love.

Now that I’ve clearly stated that I’m thankful for what I do have let me tell you about my wants.  Fall always makes me want to buy new boots and new sweaters.  I LOVE that fall means it’s time for lots of layers and rich deep colors like wine, emerald, navy and aubergine.  I’m posting my top five favorite things about fall fashion.

Pattern Sweaters

1. Patterned Sweaters:  I LOVE prints and patterns!!!! I’m crazy about them.  I use to try to restrict myself to building up my wardrobe basics.  Then I would look at my closet and there were no interesting pieces.  I’ve just decided to dive in and buy things I LOVE!!!  This means my closet now has lots of prints and patterns!

Plaid Everything

2. Plaid:  I know plaid is a print but I love it so much I think it deserves its own category!  I LOVE plaid it is so classic and can be dressed up or dressed down.Short Skirt + Opaque Tights3. Skirts / Dresses + Opaque Tights:  I am crazy about opaque tights.  This year I hope to invest in quite a few more colors.  I love that opaque tights add a pop of color and keep you extra cozy.  I also love that they help keep you from having to shave… yucky? yes, but it’s the truth.  Plus you can get away with wearing shorter skirts with opaque tights and still avoid looking… ummmm… slutty unprofessional.

Layering4. Layer Upon Layer Upon Layer:  I HATE summer and hot weather.  I always say that cold weather is better because you can put on enough layers to stay fairly warm but you can never take enough layers off to keep from sweating to death.  I love that layering keeps you cozy and helps you add color and pattern to your ensemble.


5.  BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS:  Boots are the best footwear!  I live in my boots all fall and winter long.  I have only invested in non-heeled pairs thus far but I really want a pair of black heeled booties and maybe something a little more rugged.

Nothing to Wear

I know I want too many things!  Richard says he doesn’t understand what I mean when I stand in front of my closet and say I have nothing to wear.  Somedays I try on 4-6 different outfits before I find THE ONE and head to work.  I think this is a common problem for most women.  I recently found the quote above on Pinterest and fell in love with it… that expresses exactly how I feel about this predicament.  Do you have the same issues as me? And what’s your favorite fashion season?  Oh and follow my fall fashion board on Pinterest.


Fancy Shmancy Dinner

Thursday night was Richard’s mentor dinner. We got all gussied up and rubbed elbows with his classmates and their significant others as well as some esteemed alumni. We had a tasty meal and Richard got a great freebie, a new stethoscope that is values at around $300!!! Good thing he got it for free because he was going to buy another one soon.


So more on the outfit. Do you ever wear something and you just hope that someone asks you about it? Well… Maybe it’s just me. This was one of those outfits for me. I scored this dress at a 40% off sale at Ann Taylor. The original price was $98! What!?? The sale price was $69.99 which, for me, is still way too pricey but that extra % off knocked it down to $35! Score! My fashionable Aunt Rebecca once told me “If it’s not on sale, you don’t need it.” This is advice I have lived by ever since.
That pretty necklace is from Anthropologie and was a Christmas present. So glad I was finally able to break it out. The shoes are from TJ Maxx and are replacement shoes for a different pair of black patent pointy toe kitten heels. Thanks Mom! Unfortunately no one asked about my outfit but I suppose I can gain some satisfaction from sharing the details with my friends on the World Wide Web!

20130808-225824.jpg 20130808-225923.jpg

Also can we take a second to admire my handsome date!? He recently bought a new suit from J. Crew. I love the cool gray color and the shirt and tie pairing were all his own doing. The tie, which I really like, was inherited from his grandfather. What a handsome man!

Patriotically Dressed

Why is the Fourth of July in the middle of the week? On the plus side I don’t work on the holiday however I return to work on Thursday. It makes no sense.

It’s been a year since my college graduation but I’ve decided my closet doesn’t really reflect that. While I have many great pieces, they’re not always cohesive. That’s why I’m introducing these style posts… in hopes that I’ll put greater effort into growing a true wardrobe. This is my first personal fashion post so please don’t make too much fun of my terrible poses (I swear the duck lips one is a joke and not serious). Anywhoo, Today I’m posting a patriotic outfit that I picked out just for the occasion.

I love the mixture of blue and red but it can seem really costume-y. This outfit is cool enough for the Oklahoma summer and oh so comfy. It’s also my first t-shirt dress. Why I never purchased one before I’ll never know, they’re as comfortable as a t-shirt and jeans without the jeans. Oh and I topped off the whole look with a bright red lips. Lipstick is one of my favorite accessories! I feel like it makes my baby face look a little less baby-ish. Oh, and by the way most of the items featured in my outfit have since sold out. I only buy things when they’re on sale but I’ve linked to very similar products.

Dress | The Gap (similar), Scarf | Banana Republic (similar), Belt | Dillards (similar), Lipstick | MAC

Inspiration Blogs

Hey everybody!

I invested the last 30 minutes into typing up a great but “brief” blog and somehow it all just disappeared.  Why don’t I hit save more often? I’m not sure but I’m pretty mad.  So this blog that you’re reading isn’t exactly what I had hoped for but I really wanted to share a few things today.

Yesterday, I told you all about my creative block and my lack of inspiration.  So in an effort to get the creative juices churning again, I’m taking to the internet.  I love looking at other people’s blogs.  Sometimes they’re style is nothing like mine but I just love their style of writing and addressing their viewers.  Sometimes I’m all about their DIY’s and fashion posts.  I think that a truly unique one of a kind idea is really hard to come by these days, not impossible just difficult.  So I peruse other blogs for inspiration then give their DIY’s a swing and add a dash of Whitney to it.

So I hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot, but I’m sharing a few of my favorite blogs today (please still be MY blog friends).

A Beautiful Mess

This is one of my favorites to peruse.  I love the mix of fashion, DIY, photography, and beauty posts written by Elsie & Emma.  I also love that they add their own style and voice to each new post.

Indie Jane

Absolutely my favorite blog and I check it out on the reg.  I feel like I know her, Amanda is her name, simply because she also lives in Oklahoma and attended OU for like a hot minute.  She gives me hope that I can find inspiration here in Oklahoma.  Her blog is actually mostly about her photography which is also really nice.  She also mixes it up with regular DIY and fashion blogs.  She has lots of pets that all look like wonderful little heaters slash fuzzy pillows.  She often does guest DIY blog posts on A Beautiful Mess which is, coincidentally, how I came upon her blog.

Chalk White Arrow

 I only came upon this blog very recently but I really like it because it has a little of everything – style, music, how to’s and so much personality.  I love blogs with lots of personality because it makes me feel like I’m friends with the blogger… you know as opposed to creepily obsessing over their every post.

Scathingly Brilliant

Also another recent discovery but I loved Kate’s blog banner so I clicked on her page.  Lucky me!  Her style is TOTALLY not my style but I love looking at her creative and adorably retro outfits.  Her pink hair is also pretty fab!  It definitely makes me want to just jump in and dye mine purple but I’m still being a chicken… for now.  This blog mostly features style ideas and it really makes me even more determined to find my own personal style.

Golden Globes Style

Okay so last night was the Golden Globes and though I gave up halfway through watching the show I saw all I wanted to see. The only reason I enjoy watching awards shows is to see all the beautiful dresses and styles.

My favorite makeup was Lea Michele‘s smokey eye makeup. For some reason to me a special event always calls for a smokey eye. But that’s about the only part of her look I enjoyed.

I saw a few nude colored dresses at the event but most really drowned out the wearer (see both funny ladies Amy Poehler and Kristin Wiig). The one and only nude colored ensemble that I did like was Heidi Klum‘s. I think the trick was pairing the tan colored dress with a vibrant turquoise necklace. And with the bright color so close to her face, her natural makeup looked fresh not drab.

Hair is often hit or miss. Sometimes hair is done so “just so” that all that product makes it look stiff and kinda gross. I thought Reese Witherspoon‘s hair looked perfectly undone. It was natural feeling. The ease of her do really made me visualize her as the southern bell she claims to be.

Favorite Head to Toe: Michelle Williams because she’s cute as a button and totally embraces her own vintage hipster style.  I love when she does the glam version of her personal style.  It means she wears things other celebs might wear but makes it her own.  Also on the list is Zooey Deschanel.  I absolutely love her in New Girl.  I at time’s think that if I had a celebrity personality twin it would be her… or at least I’d like to think so.  You look at her and you think wow she’s gorgeous then she’s speaks and she’s really nice and funny in a kind of dorky way.  I call it being adorkable.  Anyway her dress is a one of a kind stunner and though it’s a little weird and futuristic-ee, I applaud her for not sticking to her comfort zone which is vintage all the way.  Also she had tiny tuxedo’s on each of her nails.  So cute!!!  The only complaint is I think her bangs need a trim.  I hate that you can’t really see her beautiful eyes.  And third on my list is Laura Dern.  I am a sucker for emerald green.  It might be the absolute ugliest dress you’ve ever seen, make it in green and I’m all over it.  But this dress is really great.  I love that it has a slight train.  It’s tight and sparkly and makes her seem leaner and taller.  And I think the color looks beautiful against fairer skin.

My least favorite look at the event was Sarah Michelle Gellar.  The dress just was not my cup of tea.  SMG hasn’t been on a red carpet in a while but it looked like she really wanted to do it big and that means big dress.  It looked to voluminous and not in a flattering way.  However, I did kind of like the print.

Honorable Mention goes to Helen Mirren for being beautiful and sexy at 66.  I’m also a sucker for navy blue.  I don’t think I’ve ever considered it my favorite color but if you looked in my closet that would likely be your first guess.

And finally, the two that puzzled me the most were Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman.  Yes they looked stunning.  Yes their dresses were interesting and nice but I’m still not sure if I like their overall look.  Angie’s dress was so structural her severe hair and makeup maker her look like an ice queen.  And Nicole Kidman is so beautiful and pale skinned so her silvery taupe dress, I thought, washed her out.  However, it did have interesting detail and I’m sure it was stunning in person.

Goodwill Fashion: Polka Dots



So I told you I would be back with some of my Goodwill Fashion.  Today we’re talking about my black polka dot dress.  According to Glamour Magazines fall most wearable trends list, polka dots are in.  Click here to view Glamours trends slide show, polka dots are number 3.  On the catwalk the trend was worn head to toe… a little over the top of course.  But the fashion mag encourages every day people to dip their toes in by sporting a polka dot scarf or blouse.

I tend to read these sorts of blogs about what’s hot or not at the beginning of each season to long for an item to match every trend.  Normally every store jumps on the trends and the prices tend to be pretty steep and too much for poor little ol’ me (in a southern bell accent).  So high ho high oh it’s off to Goodwill I go.  Polka dots have always been a favorite of mine but not something I really had in my closet.  I went to goodwill in hopes of finding a great t-shirt or hideous dress or skirt to transform into my trendy new fashion statement.  Instead I found this dress for $5.56.

I absolutely love this dress!  It has a cinched in waist which gives the illusion of curves.  (I have curves just in ALL the wrong places.)  The dress hits right above the knee which is perfect for my shorty mcshorty pants body.  It is short sleeved and the shoulders are structured.  It had shoulder pads, which made me look like a linebacker, so I ripped those out.  Now they just look lightly structured.  I wore it with my red wool cardigan… it was an unseasonably cool day.  Now I’m also trying to imagine other ways to wear it. once winter hits.

Please pay no attention to the messy room.

Here’s a slideshow of things I think I could wear to make it more winter-y… winter-ish… winter friendly.  And I still don’t know how to only put certain pictures in a gallery… so the two from above are also in there.  Let me know what you think.  All the products in the slide show come from either American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, Mod Cloth, Lulu’s or New York & Co.

Personal Style: A Journey

Today’s post is going to be short sweet and to the point.  Jeff is a much better dresser than me.  She is imaginative and never afraid to wear her visions.  I’m stuck on matching things and not mixing too many patterns.  I will say I have improved dramatically from when I was in high school but I know I don’t always wear my concoctions with confidence.

Today while doing some research for today’s post I stumbled upon this awesome blog Putting Me Together.  I immediately book marked it.  Audrey’s style is attainable.  As a recent college grad working to pay back those loans, I don’t have money to shop at the “reasonable” J.Crew and other so-called affordable stores.  I am an Old Navy and Gap clearance type of girl, and that’s okay.  I am not ashamed to say I peruse the racks at Goodwill.  I think not only is this a great way to save money but it’s a great way of saving items that may be considered trash by one person and turning them into your “brand new” treasure.  Check out Audrey’s blog!  Her style is so presh!  I’ll be checking back for fashion tips fo sho!

Here’s my favorite recent look of hers:

Also come back tomorrow for more about my Goodwill hunting trips.. (see what I did there, made a movie reference.  I think I’m really funny).. and tips.  I recently got an amazing dress for a steal… now I’m trying to figure out how to make it work for winter.  Input would be great!!!