Happy Song

Happy Monday… or maybe not.  I don’t know about you but Monday’s are never easy.  This post is being written Sunday evening.  Right now I am working on a freelance story that must be at least 800 words and so far only 100 have been written and they are all just notes.  I foresee a very tough Monday morning approaching.  Hopefully I can get all my writing done before midnight which coincidentally is my bedtime.  Also if I go to bed any later than midnight waking up for my morning run will not happen.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s rude awakening I’m going to share my tried and true happy song, “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles.   This song is my very most favorite song to hear when I need a pick me up!  It fills my mind with peace and all I can think of are happy relaxing things.  I hope it makes you just as happy as it makes me!  Warning the video is uneventful so just hit play, turn it up and go on about your morning routine.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Monday!


I like my lyrics better

Normally I absolutely hate when I sing the wrong lyrics.  I’m so OCD about it that I will often restart a song to sing it correctly… Don’t judge me.  Now that I’ve shared this fact let me explain the title above.  I’ve been on a Grouplove kick lately.  This isn’t an odd thing for me.  I often start listening to a band randomly and must know EVERYTHING about them… their back story, each individual group members back story and of course I gotta listen to every single song they’ve ever sang.  I only knew a handful of their songs before like “Tongue Tied,” “Itchin’ on a Photograph” and their latest single “Ways to Go” which is played on a loop on Alt Nation on Sirius XM.  I love all of their songs but the one I refer to in the title is “Spun.”  Listen to it and then I’ll explain.

So there’s a part repeated by a female voice over and over again.  I thought she sang “I am awesome. I am, I am awesome.”  That is not what she sings.  She is in fact saying “Are you lonesome? Are you, are you lonesome?”  I was majorly bummed when I discovered I was not singing the correct lyrics and not just because of my OCD-ness but because I really wanted it to say “I am awesome.”  Do you ever feel the need to sing a song just to give yourself that extra oomph? ***Crickets*** Well, I do.  This was totally going to be my oomph song and, you know what, I refuse to let the actual lyrics take that away from me.  Did you look at the lyrics?  Confusing!  I will continue to sing it my way… OCD be damned!

Grouplove is pretty great, they even have my Mom’s stamp of approval! WHAT??? She had even heard of them before I played some for her.  Impressive!

P.S. The video I linked to here isn’t an official group released video.  It was made by Cloud Mind Productions.  They shot the video over a three-month period, then edited it and set it to the awesome song which made it extra awesome.  This is a really fun idea and something I may attempt to do soon.  I really need to get back into the groove of shooting video and editing.

The Civil Wars

It’s another Music Monday. The Civil Wars just released their latest album and possibly last. I really love their folksy sound. The way their voices harmonize is magical! Last year at Bonnaroo, I had the chance to see them and didn’t. That is one of my biggest Bonnaroo regrets followed closely by my missed chance to see Mumford and Sons. Here’s one of my favorite songs off the newest album called “The One That Got Away”.

Before they broke up, they shot a documentary of the album making process.  It was really interesting because both of them mentioned how they pull from their personal lives and emotions to help them write music.  When you listen to the lyrics in this song you get a peek into the frustration they were feeling towards each other.  Oh please kiss and make up and go on tour again!  And just one more… my favorite from their previous album!

The Best of Bonnaroo 2013


Last week felt like I was constantly flying by the seat of my pants. We returned from Manchester, TN late Monday evening. The next day I started my new workout regimen, had a full schedule of tutoring and had to clean our old apartment and do the final walk through. Quite a busy day after an 11 hour drive with minimal rest in between. So that’s my excuse for just posting my Top 5 favorite things about Bonnaroo 2013.

5: Road Trippin’ with my besties!


Anytime I get to spend with both my baby sis and my fiancé is time I absolutely love! They are both my twins when it comes to sense of humor and opinions. Often I will find myself saying or thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time as one or both of them. Our weekend was full of lots of laughter and fun… And obviously a few arguments between me and my sister but we were pretty quick to get over it. I think it’s impossible for us to spend more than 24 hrs together and not argue but we always get over it as soon as we find something mutually entertaining.
Oh we also made a pit stop in Memphis for some barbecue, an adventure that was both delicious and fun!

4: Finding all the free stuff! Most things at Bonnaroo aren’t cheap but occasionally you will find some freebies. We started everyday with a free serving of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and followed it up by standing in line for a brightly colored handkerchief filled with ice. We also picked up a sandwich bag full of icky cigarette butts and exchanged it for a $6 jumbo corn dog. And the best freebies of all were the complimentary showers we finagled. I won’t give away exactly how we managed it but I will say it included a long hike and waiting until late in the evening.
Thank goodness we only took sink baths the first day most people did that daily or skipped a shower all together

3: Finding out just how far my two best friends will go to protect me.
Headed to Bonnaroo one of the bands I was most excited to see was Matt & Kim. We spent an hour and and a half scoring a spot up close to the stage for the performance.
Little did I know that those primes seats would be more trouble than they were worth. The performance was so energetic and fun at first but then towards the end the artists encouraged those at the back to make their way up front. This lead to a river of crowd surfers rolling over us and eventually on top of me. Two tall and not very skinny men landed on top of me knocking the wind out of me and pinning me near the feet of a crowd that was indifferent to my safety. Both Richard and Steph went crazy in their efforts to get them off of me and after they succeeded we hightailed it out of the crowd and away from the still flowing crowd surfers.

2: Unexpected Surprises!
Though Mumford and Sons was one of the biggest highlights on my schedule I was equally as excited for Jack Johnson but I didn’t realize just how excited until he was onstage. Jack Johnson had a major presence on the soundtrack of my college years. My favorite parts of his show included his funny song about the stresses of pulling the show together so quickly, the handful of mistakes he made which he covered charmingly with a made up lyric and a swear word, and singing along to “Better Together.” Maybe I’m getting more emotional in my old age but I got choked up during that song, it was one of the tracks on the CD I gave Richard before we spent our first summer apart after Freshman year.

1: Watching a living legend!

Yes, Paul McCartney deserves the top spot!!! It was by far the best concert I’ve ever seen. It was the perfect mix of Beatles tunes, Wings tracks and stories from his long and colorful past! If you know me then you know I’ve known not only every member of The Beatles by name but also most of their song lyrics since about 6-years of age. I really tried to drink in every moment of this year’s Bonnaroo experience and during Macca’s performance several times I found myself nearly in tears when I realized just how long I’ve dreamed of seeing him perform and how amazing the experience was. I won’t lie… I did actually cry while singing along to “Black Bird”. And the tears kept rolling through “Here Today” a song McCartney wrote for his friend and colleague John Lennon after his death reminding us all to tell our loved ones just how much we care for them while we can. And the multiple finales including “Live and Let Die” and “Helter Skelter” all rocked!


Guess where I am!


If you’ve never heard of Bonnaroo then where have you been? It’s one of the many music festivals that fill the summer months with fun, dancing and, of course, music. This is Steph’s second year and Richard and my third. We LOVE it!

Here are my top 5 reasons why Bonnaroo rocks:

#5: The Bonnaroo weight loss plan! It’s not an official weight loss plan but let me tell you out diet out here works! Lots of snacks versus large meals, tons of water and plenty of walking means at the end of four days at least a couple pounds have been shed.

#4: The people watching is superb! You’ll find people dressed in their best boho fashions but you’ll also find people dressed in only a tiny bit more than their birthday suit (body paint).

#3: Food yummy Food as far as you can see! So many great vendors! We try to coordinate our meals so we can try as many different stands as possible!

#2: Stick to the Banaroovian Code! The code includes gems of wisdom like be in here (leave the rest of the world out there), play as a team and radiate positivity. These rules create a relaxed fun loving community where tent neighbors share their supplies and advice freely! Even though I’m normally an introvert, this is the one time of the year I try my best to put myself out there and make new friends!

#1: Listening to amazing artists you already know and discovering a few new ones. I always come to the festival with a list of artists I MUST see but there are usually hours where we walk around and listen to musicians we’ve never heard before. Neighbors are usually willing to share a few suggestions too.