Canoe Trip

river trip-9

When I envision natural beauty I envision mountains and slow lazy rivers perfect for canoeing and kayaking. Usually I envision those places reside in other states that aren’t Oklahoma or Texas… the only two states I’ve ever lived in. This summer I discovered that lazy river canoe trips can be had and enjoyed in Oklahoma. I’ve lived in the Sooner state for going on 7-years now and I’m still discovering new things.

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We drove up to the Diamond Head Resort in Tahlequah to rent a canoe for the day. We took a slow 6-mile ride down the Illinois River. Apparently, Richard and his family would do this annually when he was a kid but he hadn’t been in ages.

river trip-10

river trip-11

I was blown away by the cool but not cold river and all the green trees and grass. Usually, Oklahoma drought makes everything yellow and dry but this summer was a little wetter than usual.

river trip-4

river trip-7

We also decided to take our doggy because we’d been wondering if he knew how to swim. He does. And he loved it!

We went on a week-day so there weren’t many people around. It felt like our little family was the only group on the river. We packed a picnic lunch and found a nice area along the river to stop and eat.  Since our 6-mile canoe trip was rather short we spent lots of time “swimming.”  I say swimming but I really mean lounging in the river.  Not many spots were deep enough to swim.  But it was still a nice way to cool off once we got too hot.

river trip-6

river trip-8

We went again later in the summer on a Saturday with Richard’s mom. There were so many people! I would definitely recommend a week-day if you can manage it. I am the kind of person who just likes to enjoy nature in its entirety, meaning sights, sounds and smells. The large groups of people came along with radios and lots of floating beer cans. It was definitely a fun little adventure that I would love to go on again next summer.

Also, for your enjoyment I’ve linked to (above) a quick 30-second video I made showing the beautiful river and our sweet puppy showing off his skills!  Baxter would get so anxious for his humans when they were too far away from him in the water. For any of my Okie readers what adventures would you suggest we go on this fall?


It’s been a while

So I kind of fell off the wagon again.  I got a promotion at work and have pretty much been sucked into that.  But here’s a look at all the engagement photos we got back.  We plan on doing another shoot at some point in Tulsa, so we can get a little bit of that “big city” buzz… hahaha.  We had a family member do these, Richard’s cousin and it was a great experience.  The shoot was at their families farm and it is beautiful out there!  The only unfortunate part is we didn’t get to take as many photos as we wanted due to weather and our hectic schedules.  Oh well, what we got was great! Enjoy!Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-3 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-4 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-5 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-6 Richard&Whitney (1 of 1)-7

I found it!


I finally found a copy of Brides of Oklahoma and of course I bought it! Can I just say nearly $10 for a magazine is kinda pricy but worth it since there is almost NOTHING on the internet to help with wedding planning in Oklahoma. If I lived in Dallas or Austin or even 1.5 hrs southwest of here in OKC it might be easier but I can’t find anything on Tulsa. We’re still searching for a photographer, videographer and a musician or two for the ceremony and cocktail hour. I’m going to go peruse my new magazine for leads! Readers I’m being 100% serious when I ask  beg PLEAD you to share any helpful websites, blogs, tips for a bride planning an Okie wedding!

Picnic Perfect

So this week’s theme is picnics.  I absolutely love packing up a meal and eating somewhere beautiful and I think this outfit is a great choice for the activity.  The shirt is light but still covers up potential bug bite areas and the shorts are constructed from thick but soft material that keeps dry Oklahoma grass from poking me in the bum.

I’ve had this shirt for years but rarely wear it because it’s a little sheer and a little long.  But the pockets help line some key areas a little better and I tied up the ends.  Tying up the ends of dress shirts was a major trend back in the 90’s but it’s back… maybe? I feel like this trend is no longer only acceptable at a pool side or when you’re doing home repairs or painting.  However, I often think the trend looks best on skinny mini super model types but I don’t think it looks terrible on my body type also known as not a super model.  And how cute are these shorts?  Every once in a while I take a spin through Old Navy and I found these on my last trip.  They also come in green and black and are currently on sale!  I accessorized with a multi-strand hombre necklace, a gold flower ring and a wrap around bracelet.

Shirt | Forever 21 (similar) // Shorts | Old Navy // Shoes | JC Penny // Necklace | Forever 21 (similar) // Bracelet | c/o Kairos 10 // Ring | Flea Market Find // Nail Polish | Essie Good as Gold

Back in our college days (just a year ago), Richard and I would pack up for a day at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge where we would rock climb hike until we found a great view then we’d eat lunch and play for the rest of the day.  Now that we’re in Tulsa, we have to find new favorite places and past-times.  There are several easy choices for picnic-ing since we live right off Riverside Park but I don’t think we’ve found a new favorite yet.  If you have any suggestions please leave them!

Statement Jewelry and Pattern Combinations

Top | Gap // Skirt | Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes | TJ Maxx (similar) // Belt | Thrifted // Necklace | Francesca’s

Today’s outfit was all about mixing patterns and edging my way out of my comfort zone.  You might wonder what about this outfit is out of my comfort zone.  Well it’s the big statement necklace.  I love buying jewelry and I have a pretty good eye for interesting pieces.  Do I ever wear them? No.  For some reason wearing jewelry is something I just don’t do often.  But I think it can really add some visual interest to an outfit, so I’m trying to force myself to wear some piece of jewelry with every outfit.  This particular necklace is a knock-off of an Anthropologie piece that probably cost WAAAAY more than this one from Francesca’s ($28).

I love mixing patterns but I don’t do it in a big / look-at-how-fashionable-I-am sort of way.  I think most people probably didn’t notice honestly, but I knew and it made me feel adventurous and like a fashionista all day long.  The polka dots on this skirt are about the same color as the rest of the skirt, they’re just a little textured.  And the t-shirt is perfect for the Oklahoma summer – light, airy and colorful.

And before I wrap this blog post up, I’d like to highlight two of my favorite thrifted items – belt and shoes.  The belt was a find at Goodwill that I got for $3 and the shoes, well they were from TJ Maxx, not exactly thrifted but for $12 it seems like they were!

Let me know what you think… cute or do I still look like a little kid?

xoxo – Dani

Patriotically Dressed

Why is the Fourth of July in the middle of the week? On the plus side I don’t work on the holiday however I return to work on Thursday. It makes no sense.

It’s been a year since my college graduation but I’ve decided my closet doesn’t really reflect that. While I have many great pieces, they’re not always cohesive. That’s why I’m introducing these style posts… in hopes that I’ll put greater effort into growing a true wardrobe. This is my first personal fashion post so please don’t make too much fun of my terrible poses (I swear the duck lips one is a joke and not serious). Anywhoo, Today I’m posting a patriotic outfit that I picked out just for the occasion.

I love the mixture of blue and red but it can seem really costume-y. This outfit is cool enough for the Oklahoma summer and oh so comfy. It’s also my first t-shirt dress. Why I never purchased one before I’ll never know, they’re as comfortable as a t-shirt and jeans without the jeans. Oh and I topped off the whole look with a bright red lips. Lipstick is one of my favorite accessories! I feel like it makes my baby face look a little less baby-ish. Oh, and by the way most of the items featured in my outfit have since sold out. I only buy things when they’re on sale but I’ve linked to very similar products.

Dress | The Gap (similar), Scarf | Banana Republic (similar), Belt | Dillards (similar), Lipstick | MAC