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I have recently made some major changes in my professional life, namely by changing careers.  I left my teaching job to begin taking freelance jobs in reporting, photography and videography I also opened up my own Etsy shop called Light Cage Effects.  The quote above by Howard Thurman has always been one of my favorites and was really something I took to heart when making this decision to change paths.  The photo quote is also an item listed in my Etsy shop here.  The photo is an original taken by me on a trip to Durango, Colorado.  I  took my first trip to Colorado about 2 months ago and really loved it!

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Engagement Shoot #1

This Friday we are meeting with our first engagement photographer, we have three total.  The first set of photos will be taken out at Richard’s families farm.  About a year after Richard and I started dating he took me out to the farm for the first time.  He would ask me to join him on adventures where we would ride the John Deer cart through tall grass, gooey mud, rocky terrain, bellowing herds of cattle and skittish gatherings of deer.  I think Richard tries to recreate adventures he fondly remembers with his Grandpa who would take him to see interesting rocks, animal prints, trees or nests.  The land is mostly what you’d expect, vast rolling prairies that seem to go on forever but there are also dense wooded areas, brimming ponds and some steep hills from which you can admire the patchwork farmland below.

I love the colors at the farm this time of year.  Everything reflects this amber light that has come to signify autumn in Oklahoma to me.  It’s also the perfect time to venture out for photographs because as the weather grows colder dangerous creatures like snakes begin to pose less of a threat.  Here are a few images that I sent our photographer to convey the creative direction I’m envisioning.


Via a Healthy Living Maintenance



1) I want the pictures to be fun and relaxed.  I really love when the photographers seem to be peeking through the vegetation at the couple


2) Our 4-legged son will be joining us for some of these photos so I’ve been searching for some example poses and shots.

Farm14 Farm10 Farm6

3) I love when photographers capture the smaller moments instead of just your typical photos of the couple smiling and hugging.  I think the one above leads you to understand the couples intimacy without being overly lovey-dovey. I also like the little details like mugs and goodies, it expresses the mood better.

Farm13 Farm7 Farm8

4) The creative images above capture stereotypical images in an imaginative way.  Through the use of shadows, silhouettes and interesting angles tried and true poses get a breath of fresh air.

I also found this link on how couples should dress and this list of typical couple poses a useful starting point.  We’ll see if any of this information actually leads to a successful engagement photo session.  For a look at more of my inspiration visit my Pinterest Engagement board.

Photo Shoot Styling

This isn’t directly wedding related but you have to take engagement photos before a wedding so this counts… sorta. Engagement photo outfits and themes are all I can think about since we finally set a date for one of our engagement shoots today. A friend who just happens to be an awesome photographer will be in town for a couple months starting in November so he’ll be doing one of our shoots.  We’ll be doing another one at Richard’s family farm and another in Norman on OU’s campus and on campus corner.

Since Richard got accepted into Med School I realized that my dream of having a fall wedding will not happen.  He has no fall breaks and after this next summer he will no longer have a summer break either.  So instead, I’ll make do with some super cute fall engagement photos! I can’t wait! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year!  The temps are perfect!  The colors are beautiful!  And everyone looks so amazing in fall fashions!  I’m posting a few inspiration images.  I’ve always heard it’s a good idea to set a theme for your engagement shoots so you can choose appropriate props and outfits.  Let me know what you think and if you have any theme suggestions!


Via IndieJane Photography


Via Gilmor Engagement


Via Shop Ruche


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Say Cheese!


English: A photo of a Voigtlander Vito II came...

Picking a photographer for our wedding has been so tough. We have finally made a decision though! Thank goodness. I feel like a major weight has been lifted!

So finding a photographer was pretty if difficult because the person I’ve dreamed about for years was unavailable on our date. Talk about a major bummer! Richard and I started talking about marriage probably about 2 years ago and ever since then I have online stalked Indie Jane Photography. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. After sulking for a bit, I asked her if she could make any recommendations. That’s how we found our photographer Rachel of Rachel Photographs in OKC.

When I first looked at her site I thought her work was gorgeous but the pricing was more than my budge allowed.  Eventually, I decided that it was okay to splurge a bit on the elements that were really important to me, like photography. Our package includes bridals, and engagement session and 2 photographers who will be around all day come wedding day.

I learned quite a bit while I was trying to select a photographer. I thought the most important questions were 1: Are you available on my date? 2: What do you offer and how much? 3: When do you need the money? You’re probably laughing at my naïveté but that’s literally all I asked the first 3 photographers I emailed. I was ready to send one a check when one of my aunts suggested I call them on the phone to see if we mesh well. I printed out this questionnaire I found on Martha Stewart Weddings and set an interview time with my runner up choice.  He was nice enough but he didn’t seem too excited about taking photo suggestions and shot solo. Thank goodness I have so many wonderful people who have already been down this road and are willing to share what they learned with me!

I’m so happy to have that task checked off my list. I’m going to do a happy dance and relax tonight. I’ll try and hold off the worries until tomorrow.