We Love Fleas!

No… not the little bugs! We love flea markets.  Richard loves all the odd things he can find and play with (until I make him put them down and walk away).  I love all the vintage and inexpensive items I can find and add to my growing collection of decor and craft items.  Baxter loves all the treats, attention and pettings he gets from stall owners and other patrons especially the kids.  He also loves getting to sniff everything and gobbling down any human food he finds on the floor.


I went to the Tulsa Flea Market and bought a few things including a new album for my growing record collection.  I swear this guy at the Tulsa Flea Market is THE BEST! He always gives us a little background information on the album like details on the jacket, what the color of the record sleeve means and where he got it.  He always suggest other albums we may find interesting.  AND his prices are definitely the best we’ve ever found!

I also got three baby succulents.  I love these because they’re pretty tough to kill, though Watson the Cat managed to murder one… but since I have no plans of viciously attacking it I believe these may survive.  Since going into wedding planning mode (different from my previous state of wedding day dreaming) I’ve decided I want to incorporate succulents somehow.  So I spoke to the lady who sells them and she said she’d give me a better price than the one she gives the florist haha!   Even though the wedding is a year away it’s so fun to be slowly planning the big day!  Every time I speak of wedding planning to someone, even a stranger, I get this little thrill.  It makes it feel so much more real and I absolutely can’t wait!

I also scored a bunch of little scrabble tiles.  I thought these might come in handy at some point when we’re taking engagement photos or decorating the wedding location.  The lady who I bought them from was so sweet.  She adored Baxter and didn’t mind when he tried to sniff EVERYTHING in her stall.  We talked about our mutual love for rescue animals and how we think everyone should adopt.  Anyway we became BFF’s and she gave me a major discount.  Even though I’m not exactly an outgoing social butterfly, I do really enjoy getting to know people and thanks to Baxy I always meet plenty of nice people at each flea market outing.  Isn’t it odd how two introverts ended up adopting the most outgoing little social butterfly of a dog?


Picnic Pieces

So to continue with this week’s theme.  Outdoor eating is perfect for the summer but to have the perfect picnic you need the perfect pieces.  Not only are the items featured in this week’s collection beautiful, interesting, unique and useful but they’re also eco-friendly.  Often people link picnics with plastic-use-once items like snack bags, paper plates and plastic utensils.  Buying eco-conscious items like reusable plates and cups can often mean ending up with a prettier item and better quality.  I also think cloth napkins is a better idea than paper ones because they’re heavier so less likely to fly away and you’ll likely only need to use one.

Alright done with my eco-friendly spiel.  A few other items of interest, the collapsible dishes are a great way to save space when you’re hurriedly cleaning up after a great meal.  And I think bringing along floor pillows is a great way to make sure you stay comfy even though you’re eating on the ground.  Speaking of eating on the ground picking the right picnic blanket is of vital importance.  Okay, overstatement a little but pick one that is soft and spacious but is also durable.  A wet ground under the blanket could mean a soggy bottom after sitting through a full meal.  And if you or any of your guests eat like me, your picnic blanket needs to be easily laundered because it will get dirty.  That cool condiment gun seems like you’re just asking for a messy event, doesn’t it?

For more details on all the items in the gallery scroll down below the photos.

Picnic Basket | C Wonder ($128.00) // Picnic Blanket | Etsy via Angel Street Market ($35) // Plastic Plates | Target ($15.99) // Mason Jar Lid & Straws // Etsy via The Country Barrel ($27.50) // Wooden Utensil Set | Etsy by Shop Sucre ($15.00) // Cloth Napkins | Anthropologie ($32) // Collapsible Bowls | MoMA Store ($22) // Whale Tongs | MoMA Store ($25) // Condiment Gun | Broadway Panhandler ($15.95) // Floor Cushion | HayNeedle.com ($49.99) // Chess & Checkers Game | Uncommon Goods ($40) // Portable Boom Box | iHome Audio ($199.99)

Laced with Wedding Joy

Dress | Francesca’s (similar) // Shoes | JC Penny ($13!!!) // Necklace | Francesca’s // Earrings | Francesca’s

Sticking with the wedding theme, this week’s style photo features an outfit I wore to a friends wedding.  I found it in a frenzied shopping trip the morning before the event.

The wedding was being held in Ponca City which is about two hours away from Tulsa.  Not only did I need an outfit for the wedding but so did Richard.  All of Richard’s dress close is still in Edmond and I realized I had absolutely nothing that was wedding appropriate in my closet.  Either it was too casual or it was a winter/fall dress that seemed much to dark for the summer afternoon wedding we were about to attend.  I ended up spending about $70 on a new dress and shoes.  Not bad for a 3 hour shopping trip that included a gift, gift wrap, a card and two outfits both including shoes.

There are three things I really loved about this dress.  The first is it’s retro feel that I think is really due to the lace pattern and overall shape.  I usually stick with classic pieces but I do love me styles from the 50s and 60s.  I also loved the color on this dress.  I don’t own many coral-y pink things but I love the vibrant hue.  The last thing was the dresses empire waist and sweetheart neckline.  The empire waist hits me exactly at my smallest part.  And I know the sweetheart neckline isn’t really visible in these photos but the dresses lining leaves an allusion sweetheart and the lace allows just enough skin to peek through.

I styled the outfit with a multi-strand pearl necklace, some interesting gold tear-drop earrings, a coral and gold ring (one of my favorite flea market finds) and a gold chain necklace converted into a multi-strand bracelet (another flea market score for $1).  I did different jewelry for the actual wedding wearing my light pink tear drop necklace.  I decided to change it up for this style post because as Richard pointed out I wore that necklace last week.  So what do you think, wedding appropriate or not?

Grainy-ness and bad focus aside, I think we’re cuties.

Statement Jewelry and Pattern Combinations

Top | Gap // Skirt | Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes | TJ Maxx (similar) // Belt | Thrifted // Necklace | Francesca’s

Today’s outfit was all about mixing patterns and edging my way out of my comfort zone.  You might wonder what about this outfit is out of my comfort zone.  Well it’s the big statement necklace.  I love buying jewelry and I have a pretty good eye for interesting pieces.  Do I ever wear them? No.  For some reason wearing jewelry is something I just don’t do often.  But I think it can really add some visual interest to an outfit, so I’m trying to force myself to wear some piece of jewelry with every outfit.  This particular necklace is a knock-off of an Anthropologie piece that probably cost WAAAAY more than this one from Francesca’s ($28).

I love mixing patterns but I don’t do it in a big / look-at-how-fashionable-I-am sort of way.  I think most people probably didn’t notice honestly, but I knew and it made me feel adventurous and like a fashionista all day long.  The polka dots on this skirt are about the same color as the rest of the skirt, they’re just a little textured.  And the t-shirt is perfect for the Oklahoma summer – light, airy and colorful.

And before I wrap this blog post up, I’d like to highlight two of my favorite thrifted items – belt and shoes.  The belt was a find at Goodwill that I got for $3 and the shoes, well they were from TJ Maxx, not exactly thrifted but for $12 it seems like they were!

Let me know what you think… cute or do I still look like a little kid?

xoxo – Dani

Jeff’s Closet: Favorite Outfit

Hey everybody!

It’s Jeff and today we’re talking personal style.  To anyone who’s peeked in my closet, you know my style is a little different.  Some people say I put together some weird outfits but I like to think of them as unique.

For starters I don’t believe in wearing t-shirts and Nike shorts to class.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy comfy and colorful clothes but I view everyday as an opportunity to show the world who you are.  Your style is a way to do that sans words.  Plus as a business major, it’s really important to dress like you’re ready to step into the professional world.  After all if you don’t look the part it might be harder for people to envision you in your desired career position.

My love for colors and patterns really shines through the most I think.  My favorite pieces in my closet is this lace dress.  It’s a mini dress but the long sleeves really balance it out.  I don’t mind showing a little leg but I usually prefer to wear this dress with flower printed tights and boots.  I love the mixture of prints and textures in this outfit and it turns out looking a little retro and totally me!







And I’m absolutely excited about the weather turning cooler because I love tights.  They’re so fun and can add a pop to any outfit.  At the moment I’m on the hunt for lacy tights…  I’ll be back with an update on whether I successfully find some or not!

Tell me about your style in the comments!