I like my lyrics better

Normally I absolutely hate when I sing the wrong lyrics.  I’m so OCD about it that I will often restart a song to sing it correctly… Don’t judge me.  Now that I’ve shared this fact let me explain the title above.  I’ve been on a Grouplove kick lately.  This isn’t an odd thing for me.  I often start listening to a band randomly and must know EVERYTHING about them… their back story, each individual group members back story and of course I gotta listen to every single song they’ve ever sang.  I only knew a handful of their songs before like “Tongue Tied,” “Itchin’ on a Photograph” and their latest single “Ways to Go” which is played on a loop on Alt Nation on Sirius XM.  I love all of their songs but the one I refer to in the title is “Spun.”  Listen to it and then I’ll explain.

So there’s a part repeated by a female voice over and over again.  I thought she sang “I am awesome. I am, I am awesome.”  That is not what she sings.  She is in fact saying “Are you lonesome? Are you, are you lonesome?”  I was majorly bummed when I discovered I was not singing the correct lyrics and not just because of my OCD-ness but because I really wanted it to say “I am awesome.”  Do you ever feel the need to sing a song just to give yourself that extra oomph? ***Crickets*** Well, I do.  This was totally going to be my oomph song and, you know what, I refuse to let the actual lyrics take that away from me.  Did you look at the lyrics?  Confusing!  I will continue to sing it my way… OCD be damned!

Grouplove is pretty great, they even have my Mom’s stamp of approval! WHAT??? She had even heard of them before I played some for her.  Impressive!

P.S. The video I linked to here isn’t an official group released video.  It was made by Cloud Mind Productions.  They shot the video over a three-month period, then edited it and set it to the awesome song which made it extra awesome.  This is a really fun idea and something I may attempt to do soon.  I really need to get back into the groove of shooting video and editing.